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What Stopped me from Traveling

Go, get that map and point the country you want to go, book a ticket, pack your bag and just GO! Sounds easy huh but it is not. This is a very idealistic idea of a travel head like me. […]

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Who is Euniece?

Maybe, you’ve already read her blogs and you are already impressed by her abilities and strong communication skills. But hey! There’s more about her. She’s not just beautiful (inside & out) and smart at the same time but also a very great travel buddy! We’ve traveled together in Germany (Cologne&Berlin), Belgium (Brussels) and some cities in the Netherlands. We traveled as a group and her role is the planner/organizer. She’s really good at it. All our travels were successful and yes, you don’t need to be well off to enjoy life. Maybe she can give you tips how thru this blog. 😉 Anyway, I would really love to travel again with you, I miss it! I hope we could do it again. All the best Euniece and keep it up!! xx

Kaye de Brabander 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Euniece is a kind soul and a genuine care-free spirit, she could book a ticket in the afternoon to North Pole and travel with only a toothbrush in a plastic bag.

Also if you ever have the chance to travel with Euniece, be prepared to have a lot of fun, because that girl will crack you out! She is a creative mind whom will bring you to the most hidden place that she found out through her secret network…At the end of your trip, she has already composed a video clip of your adventures and perfectly synchronized it with soundtracks. The perfect travel mate!

I am not surprised she created a blog, her stories deserve to be shared, read, and always trigger in me smiles.

I wish you the best in your adventures, be yourself and you will find what you want.

Yves Gaudouen Amsterdam, the Netherlands



 Congrats on starting your blog Euniece! Love the honesty in your writing and really like the piece on “What stopped you from traveling”. Happy and safe travels!

Chris Wong Wellington, New Zealand

Euniece and I met up in Copenhagen to see a few sights, and we went to a few free museums. It was great to share a day with her rather than alone. We had lots of fun and she is easy to joke with and to become friend. I invited her for dinner at my Indian friend and host Kaushik, and she could meet up with other travel companions. It was my birthday celebration so I was happy to share time with all those great people for a few days. That day was quite a highlight during my journey through Copenhagen. Euniece is an experienced and active traveller. She is very proficient in English as she is a teacher. Thank you for your positive and joyful attitude Euniece and I wish you all the best, wherever you find yourself! I wish you can show me your home country Philippines in the future!!

Fred Point Angers, France

I had the pleasure of meeting Euniece during her visit to Stockholm. She is well-traveled and knowledgeable about different countries and cultures, and up for knowing more about any new place she travels. We had a good time hanging out in the city, visiting different sights and museums. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet up with this cool nomad!
See you Euniece 🙂

Christopher Dwyer Stockholm, Sweden

I have known Euniece for several years. She has been a close friend of mine since we started working together as English teachers back in 2012.
While we were at work, Euniece helped me with things that I needed to be clarified or things that I wanted someone to debate with. A knowledgeable teacher herself, Euniece was always willing to engage in such brain-twisting activities. With enough patience and ability to explain, we came up with better ideas and knowledge to impart to our students.
I know Euniece to be dependable, responsible and courteous. Aside from us being teachers, we also went together on her first trip abroad. In such situation where one needs to be a fast-thinker, Euniece was a breeze (not to mention FUN) to be with! It was such a pleasure being with her in Bangkok, Thailand. Euniece is a free-spirited girl who took me partying in one of Europe’s biggest dance festival, Amsterdam Dance Festival!
Never a dull moment with her. 🙂

Bambie Batilo Mechelen, Belgium